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【apply for personal loan with bad credit online 】 Spray, delay the second update 。

With so many beasts and monsters rushing in, even if all the masters of Jianzong came out, they would still suffer heavy casualties.

"It's about the future of Xianlu, how dare we play tricks and be lazy?"

How many rebels has he encountered along the way? Not to mention going against the road, he actually beat him up, saying that he, An, was a blocker!

But for Xianqin, for Taixuan Jianzong, the whole fairy world is unfamiliar.

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Yin Duxing and the Taoist robed old man looked at each other.
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Zhan Qianqiu shook his head first: "As for the immortal's ashes, although it is good, wait until the order of Jianzong is restored, and then send someone to lead the team there."
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"It's nothing more than hardship and pain, my generation of monks, why should we be in pain?"
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The voice of the new system is like a graduate who has just entered the society from school, full of vigor and vitality, full of longing for the future, and has not experienced a brutal beating at all, let alone the fate that awaits it .
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Then, the owner of the Golden Palace drew a smaller circle. Compared with the ancient forbidden zone, the third circle may be smaller in size, but it is more complete. Obviously, this circle is the human world.
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"Prime Forbidden Zone...Prime Forbidden Zone...With my current strength, it is impossible to save people..."
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"Follow the order!!"
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Gu Ming Shaozun, who was lying down on the ground, suddenly heard the low and vicissitudes of words from the boy's mouth:
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