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Li Rongrong's body was shaking, obviously frightened by approaching the mouse. ... who will pay for the student loan forgiveness

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Li Xiaoxi was also having a hard time over there. The girl fell down on the rocks, staring at the flood below the valley. However, at this moment, Chu Shaoyan and Li Rongrong were swept away by the flood, and they could not see anything! ...

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"Big Brother, I'm Liu Xiyao..." Liu Xiyao walked in coquettishly and bowed to Chu Shaoyan. Her heart was beating so fast, so fast, it seemed like it was going to pop out. The hero in this brother's mouth is really handsome and cool, no wonder all these beautiful sisters like him. But why would I be afraid of him?

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"Do you know what you're doing? Do you want to attack the police?" The policewoman was unafraid, shouted sharply, and touched her waist, but it was empty. Only then did she realize that she was no longer a criminal policeman. , no longer have the right to issue guns.

The second ear fell to the ground, and blood sprayed far away, but the hand pinched his neck and sent it forward, so no blood was stained at all.

"Han Xiang, isn't that a very vulgar name?" Han Yu smiled faintly, "Actually, my sister's body smelled of fragrance when she was born, so her baby name was Xiangnan, and she was named Han Xiang when she grew up."

Later, when the Jiangbei casino bombing case file was officially delivered to Ye Jinlin, although she knew it already, the policewoman couldn't help shivering. The change of the rock man made her helpless and frightened. Although she didn't take that step completely, the bloodthirsty traces that gradually appeared in his bones made the policewoman terrified.

"Cousin, you must wake up earlier, just in time to preside over Shaoyan's wedding!" When the rock man returned to the ward, at the door he heard the Huading goddess whispering softly in Hua Yuxuan's ear.

At almost the same moment, the other road also encountered a trap, and the three of them fell into the pit together, and there were sharp wooden thorns under the pit. Fortunately for Fatty, the gun hanging around his neck was carried on the snow at the most critical moment, so that when his feet fell, he stepped on the bodies of two accomplices. It was just a slight injury to the leg.

"Please tell me, even testify against him in court!" Chu Shaoyan said decisively.

Smart people can see through it at a glance: at least at this stage, between the mayor Xiao Zhengnan and the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee Tong Yongbei, the Xiao faction has the upper hand; after all, the Xiao faction directly controls the city government and is even more powerful in terms of power.

However, Chu Shaoyan did not hesitate at all. After pushing up the cement block, he vigorously moved the cement block below, intending to take the child's left leg out of the gap.

At this moment, there are seven or eight lawyers standing behind each of them, obviously two neat lawyer groups! .

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Genuine drugs, including white powder, methamphetamine, ecstasy, etc., the total price is not less than one million! .

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