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It seems to have stagnated, no longer moving, no matter how the concubine calls and guides hard, it will not be moved!

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The chaotic space in the Taikoo Forbidden Zone could not hinder him at all.

He dodged half of his body subconsciously, and in the next moment, a pair of yin and yang dragons transformed by spiritual light cut across, almost cutting him in half like a holy magic fruit tree!

"The general avenue is naturally not good, but if it is the avenue of the prehistoric universe..."

"Humph! (Can't eat!)"

With the realm of the demon god Bo Xun, as long as he can gather enough demonic energy and demonic thoughts, it is not so difficult to recover and be reborn.

He woke up in a daze.

With such a comfortable and comfortable life, who still longs for the rights of the "Emperor"?

Immediately, he received several dissatisfied eyes.

The brows of many ancient immortals gradually loosened, and the atmosphere suddenly became much more relaxed.

"Do you want a lamb? Sell them a lamb and let the lamb run back by itself?" .

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