what year was credit score invented
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【how raise credit score fast 】 "Okay, okay, my name is Ming Lu, I have been to all the places in the Ming family, ask me to lead the way, you have found the right person!" 。

But after calming down, he was not so anxious.

Elder Lingbao muttered to himself: "This son of An Ran has a big secret hidden in him. Those two idiots followed Huode Xingjun back then and were loyal. Now, they actually follow the new master..."

As for what An Ran said about left and right, Young Master Gu Ming really listened to it.

"What kind of physique is this kid? Could it be..."

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This reminded him of what Ji Chang had mentioned before... the experience that a certain city lord secretly gave Ji Chang ten catties of medicine in order to marry his daughter...
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He also felt the movement of the three heavenly swords, but Li Hong didn't care either.
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