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【how to report a mortgage lender 】 "It's really Jiang Li!" 。

The foreign country is not peaceful either, the killing is going on day and night, and the war is in full swing.

Jiang Li was stunned, turned his head to look, and saw a demon with scales all over his body like a huge fish monster coming out of the demon gate, and roared to the sky: "Who? Killed my son and my grandson?! I can feel Who are they in despair before they die? Come out! If you don’t come out, I’ll kill everyone and bury them with them!”

Then he saw Jiang Li take another bazooka from that little lolita's hand and disappear in place.

Sales Consultant: "...¥#&&..."

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Jiang Li ignored him, and continued to say to Sister Hong: "I know, but... I want to know about you and my father. You are monks, right? You are the so-called devil in the mouth of the gods a while ago, right?"
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Just as Jiang Li was about to say something, a piece of news suddenly popped up on the animation that Qian Mo was watching.
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Jiang Li asked: "Have you ever entered that tomb and obtained things? Then how did you get in? How did you get out?"
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Jiang Li reminded Jing Ying, "This newly opened shop must not be delicious and unhygienic. Why don't you go to my place. I have a lot of good meat."
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To Jiang Li's surprise, there was a lot of silence at the gate of the Nanzhu community the next day, although there were still some people who refused to give up and blocked the gate.
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After finishing speaking, Ma Yuan pondered for a while, and said, "Actually, I don't know as much as you think. But what I know is enough to open up a new world for you.
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The corner of Tibetan Fox King's mouth trembled slightly, and then he said with a smirk: "Hehe... No matter what you say, whether you are acting or not, I will only give you two choices now!
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All the demons within a radius of ten thousand miles were turned into powder with a bang!
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