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【estimated mortgage payment 】 Taking a strange look at the sixteen-year-old Earl, Adolf's eyes were full of surprise. Could this noble young master do anything else besides having fun? What he said just now was already surprising. 。

As the northernmost area of the holy city, Antra is really scary. Not long after he came out, Lei Zhe was surprised by the prosperity of Antra. Except for the lack of street lights and advertisements on both sides of the street, Antra's houses are all the same. Row after row, the planning is very neat.

Li Feng: "A herd of giant elephants is coming this way?"

[Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha to die, you can raise it without spending money on your right! 】

"Why don't you accept it? Prepare the soldering iron and put the mark of the Wells family on them. Even if they repent in the future, I have to have evidence." Lei Zhe smiled, slaves are good things.

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Even though he had analyzed that Ye Zuoyou was not in danger, he still couldn't calm down completely.
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After tidying up the hot pot outside, I went to wash up briefly, and everyone fell asleep.
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Just wait, when he finds a chance, he will avenge his brother himself!
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When the huge earthquake hit, Duan Yanshan almost couldn't stand still.
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Ye Zuoyou looked around.
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"Oh! I'd better tell you the king's order first. The king is very anxious to see you now."
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"No, these are enough. I'm not going out to buy. By the way, starting today, all consumption in the manor will start to be reduced, and all the servants who can be canceled will be restored to their freedom."
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Ye Zuoyou followed Duan Yanshan resignedly and continued to walk downstream of the river.
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