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Looking at the hair balls piled higher than people, he sighed helplessly:

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It is indeed a terrifying existence that walked out of the ancient forbidden zone!

An Ran walked cautiously towards the tall portal in the distance.

An Ran waved her hand.

Soon, he saw the clues.

Liu Yanzhou looked ashamed, as if he had received a huge blow.

An Ran was startled.

"What a hassle."

Taking this opportunity, she can also carefully explore the topography of the twenty-five peaks, and prepare for her next move.

"After they survive the catastrophe, these methods will be recorded by the catastrophe and imprinted between the heaven and the earth. Whenever there are descendants who survive the catastrophe, these methods will also be imitated by the catastrophe, recreating the way they did when they survived the catastrophe." style!"

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The faces of the Ling family members were ugly, and they roared: "It's a bunch of nonsense! Who are you, can you represent the Four Great Sacred Lands?" .

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