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Lin Xiabei pointed to the Guangmen Road in front of him. ... online small loan instant

test. payday small loan Without the support of the immortal flame, Su Ran really didn't dare to take Yayoi's sword. ….

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Chang Qingzi spat: "Damn weird spirit, no matter how hard you kill it, we can't finish it. We have to get to Zhongyu Continent as soon as possible. I always feel that something is going to happen in Zhongyu Continent. There must be no delay, we must get the divine fruit as soon as possible." .

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After explaining the gains from this transformation, Jiuyue Immortal Gu fell into Su Ran's hands, and began the transformation from mortal Gu to immortal Gu... ...

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Borrowing the Vipassana Sutra, Su Ran was able to enter the dark area again and search for the golden pages. After spending more than an hour, he found the golden pages again.

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Wang Gouyan thought for a while, and said uncertainly: "It seems that there is one, which is the life-saving trump card of the Lin family. It will be activated when the Lin family is in danger of extinction, and it will shuttle the Lin family members to a safe place to recuperate.

Mountains and rivers are full of doubts and there is no way out, another village is revealed by the willows and flowers, Su Ran is actually a rank two Gu Immortal!

The sound of the piano is noisy.

The strength is no longer comparable to him in Xiaogushan.

At the beginning, it was the change of Hand of Void Poison, Hand of Strong Poison, and Hand of Dark Poison, and later it became the change of Thousand Poisons, Ten Thousand Poisons, Exorcism, and Elimination of Poisons.

If you really want to kill Bei Gonghen's offering, it should be before the first son is decided!

Su Ran walked to Shi Jia's side.

To be honest, Su Ran is looking forward to it. This time, all the attributes of his body will be upgraded to Jiuyuan, and many Jiuyuan attributes will be promoted to Jiuyuan perfection.

With a flash, the seven human-controlling Gus were all caught in his hands.

There are also some unused seventh-rank, eighth-rank, and ninth-rank Gu, as well as the mythical Gu pupae of Mingxue Gu, which Su Ran put away in a square bag alone. He will give these to Wangulou in exchange for a door. Top-rank ninth-grade Gu art. .

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