how to check business credit score
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【who do you contact to get your credit report everfi 】 Chu Shaoyan carried the submachine gun and ammunition on his back, and said calmly: "If you have experienced what happened to me, the risk factor is not too great. Comrade driver, execute the order immediately!" 。

Guan Nuoxue giggled: "No way. I punish him to serve me, so he needs to be comfortable..."

"It's very simple: Hao Yun has been killed by me, Dugu Ba has been confirmed not to be on the island, and Lu Zhen has been confirmed to stay on the island to take charge. This guy has always been shrewd, and tonight may be the only time he was careless, so he was arrested!"

Shu Huiyue said: "Today at twelve o'clock at noon, Guyi Garden, an old friend wants to see you, I hope you can come to the Guyi Garden tea room on time, and I will wait in front of the tea room."

After Chu Shaoyan broke through the boulder purgatory, he drilled forward according to the schematic diagram ahead, and soon came to a huge stone cave. He looked at his watch and frowned slightly: Song Yingjie should be almost here. If he didn't hold back these guys, he wouldn't be able to take the opportunity to rescue Guan Fengyi.

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When Chu Shaoyan boarded the boat and sailed towards the sea, Song Yingjie, Zidie, and Guan Nuoxue watched the boat's whereabouts from the screen. The button of Chu Shaoyan's trousers is equipped with a micro GPS system, which accurately conveys the direction here. But among the three of them, there stood a man with a big frame but not tall, but his body looked amazingly compact.
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Zidie's delicate body was shocked suddenly, and her eyes were fixed on him, her expression revealed anger, disappointment, worry, admiration, and resentment for a moment, all kinds of mixed emotions seemed to burst out in an instant, making Chu Shaoyan's Heart pounding.
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"Then what do you want?" Chu Shaoyan asked lightly.
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It's February 20th. Shangguan Zetian and Chu Shaoyan, accompanied by Xu Jia, Deputy Secretary-General of Jiangcheng Government, made a special visit to Jiang Jianhao, Governor of Guangnan Province, Chen Zhaojian, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor in charge of Industry, Secretary-General and Director of the General Office of the Provincial Government Xie Wencai participated in the meeting. Xu Jia presented Jiang Jianhao with a letter from Shangjiang City Mayor Xiao Zhengnan, while Shangguan Zetian and Chu Shaoyan came for the Jiangnan Automobile Industrial Park.
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"Impossible, this is absolutely impossible! I saw it with my own eyes!" Guan Fengyi said in a daze, and then suddenly turned to stare at Li Bingchen, the company's accountant: "Tell me, what's going on? Are you on the road? Was it dropped?"
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These two are the strongest among the five, but Chu Shaoyan is not going to let them escape from the woods.
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At this time, everyone has been taken away by the police, including the wounded, dead and survivors of the Butterfly Gang, the bodies of the attackers, and Jin Shangbang and his men. The scene has been completely sealed off by the police. The once glorious Shanghai Flower World After this battle, it may become a historical term in Jiangcheng.
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The sound of a huge water flow is approaching rapidly, and countless rocks are forced to move downward by the irresistible torrent of landslides, and immediately blend into the rhythm of the torrent, rushing downward, making a synchronous rumbling sound !
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