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【what is a monthly student loan payment 】 Hu Shanhou's face froze, an extreme pain surged from every piece of flesh and blood, the other party really planned to crush his natal Gu. 。

"This thief Su Ran!"

"It's just... Lightning-type Strange Gu, where should I find it?" Su Ran took the opportunity to ask, he really needed Thunder-type Strange Gu.

To be honest, Su Ran is really not afraid. Once Qianmo's identity is revealed, King Yu Yi is right to be afraid of him.

When it comes to the upper limit, of course invincible domineering is even better. The ultimate invincible domineering can only be formed when it is pushed all the way and sweeps all the talents of the contemporary era, and it can only be cultivated in troubled times.

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Therefore, he emphasized his words, hoping that the Seventh Prince could rush to Beigong City as soon as possible.
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Looking at Shenyou Golden Gu, Su Ran's expression moved slightly: "What about the Gu's essence?"
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This is the Battle of Thousand Demons' Return to Fame.
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Jingmo chuckled: "Don't look for it, the disease is not in the city."
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"Oh, Hushanhou, what a coincidence, we meet again." Su Ran chuckled.
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Facing the gazes of the immortals, Su Ran said that he was not nervous, he was only at rank six, and a few immortals in the city could crush him to death.
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Wind Wuxiang Su Ran is useless.
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Marquis Lihai is a female marquis. It is said that she once entered a dangerous situation to seek opportunities, and was invaded by a high-level domain force, causing hidden diseases in her body. There is an extremely strong domain force in her body, which is still difficult to get rid of. There was a slight coughing sound.
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