what happens to the mortgage when someone dies
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【chicago area credit union secured loan 】 Everyone looked at Ling Heng, waiting to see how he would pay. 。

As soon as they entered the door, they saw Ling Heng.

And Zuoqiu was also very knowledgeable, after sending them home, he left.

Wu Neng's heart was bleeding, and he regretted placing the order on the dark web.

Before Ling Heng finished speaking, Zuoqiu directly knelt on the ground.

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He quickly opened the door and looked at his sister, his face was full of doubts.
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It was from Su Xueqi.
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Fan Xiaoyu had just uttered the words when he saw a tall and burly man in a windbreaker walking over with an overwhelming momentum, and immediately locked what he wanted to say, not daring to say a word.
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"President of Yunhai Bank, Li Jin is here!"
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The further back, the closer the voice was to Ling Heng.
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