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At the same time, Qin Lingxue screamed in her heart: "Auntie, what kind of strange thing did you introduce to me? Can you travel quietly in the future and be introduced to someone by me?" ... amazon small business loan

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When it comes to girls, tell him surprises? ...

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Li Chengjun smiled and didn't continue talking.

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Obviously, his plan is not in Dandelion's plan, and Dandelion may not even know it!

ps: I made a car for a day, so I updated it.

With a loud bang, the ground under Jiang Li's feet was blown to pieces, and countless gravels and sand flew into the sky due to the tremendous force!

Jin Yao saw the broken bread through the rearview mirror, and was about to be thrown away, but suddenly exerted strength and followed up. He hit the accelerator again, and the supercar got faster and faster, but the van was stuck behind like a dog's skin plaster and couldn't be shaken off.

Li Chengjun said: "Whatever you want to eat, just order it. The price is clearly marked, so you don't cheat or cheat."

"Oh...then let me pay eat too."

The eagle said disdainfully: "I'm afraid she will be in danger, maybe tonight you master and apprentice will meet in bed, and then... tsk tsk, I don't know what a beautiful scene it will be, hahaha..."

Jiang Li is also a proud and arrogant person. Hearing this, his stubborn temper also came up. He raised his eyebrows and said, "It's you who should get out."

Jiang Li, Qian Mo, Hei Lian, Simon, Pan Yan, Xiao Rong, Sun Fushan and others were suddenly speechless.

At this time, the Eagle King turned into its own body, its huge claws seem to be able to grab a truck, covering the sky and the sun, with overwhelming power! .

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As well as the killing of the two god-level demons, the Silver Wolf and the Reindeer, by the Pope of the Niaozhou Dating. .

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