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【how much is the mortgage for a million dollar home 】 Tang Hu nodded, quickly called up the previous video, and started his own observation. 。

Seeing that Ye Ruoxi's complexion has improved a lot, Chu Shaoyan couldn't help showing a smile on his face, and at the same time stretched out his hand to touch Ye Ruoxi's forehead. At this time, Ye Ruoxi's high fever had completely subsided, and her body temperature was very normal.

Ma Yulian was a little helpless: "This is so embarrassing."

Originally, Zhang Haohai thought that Chu Shaoyan would be Ye Ruoxi's future man, and he didn't want his own people to kill Chu Shaoyan, but now he heard the bald cannon from the Bamboo Union Society say this, and suddenly became a little annoyed, so he pointed at Chu Shaoyan, Shen Sheng said to his opponent: "Then take him to Tiger Mountain to feed my tiger!"

"Yeah." Chu Shaoyan nodded, and then walked towards Fang, where Dr. Zhou was working.

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However, when Toyotomi Maaya was proud, Toyotomi Masano asked her in a questioning tone: "Maaya, what did you just say, you have a meeting tomorrow? Don't you?"
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Chu Shaoyan's ability to observe words and emotions is not bad, so he naturally guessed what was going on in Starscream's mind at this time. Seeing a faint fear in Starscream's eyes, he sneered and said, "Why? Are you also afraid?" As he said that, Chu Shaoyan slapped Starscress's face fiercely with the side of the dagger.
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While speaking, Jiang Dahai suddenly pushed out his hands and made a forward movement. Obviously, with Ye Jinlong backing him up, he has gained a lot of confidence.
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What's more, Wang Qiang even knows that the current Governor Jia also has some special feelings for Chu Shaoyan. This is a young man who must not be insulted, but he is also a person who can be relied on; ? Wang Qiang couldn't help frowning deeply.
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"The head of the dignified Snow Wolf mercenary group and the bodyguard of the strongest special forces ever dare to kill me?" General Cai Ba smiled at Ka Suo and Chu Shaoyan knowingly, then raised his head and stepped forward without fear. Into the mourning hall.
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In the van, a blond man was skillfully assembling guns, and beside him were four other special members of the snow wolf mercenaries who were also skillfully assembling guns. Just now they received an order from Sanlian Chu Shaoyan: tell them to use the fastest Speed up to Qingping Mountain, and then wipe out the gang members of the Bamboo Association who are ambushing in Qingping Mountain!
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Starscream looked at Ye Jinlong mockingly and said coldly, "The four missions are only two million dollars. Do you think I, Starscream, are beggars?"
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Toyotomi Masano is a typical Ryukyu local. He is not tall and thin. He likes Chinese culture and speaks Chinese well. At this time, he was wearing an ordinary shirt, with a faint smile on his face, and he didn't look like a shrewd person in the business world.
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