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But when the two of them were discussing these things, someone came and told them that an old man in gray clothes came not far away, and he was a god. ...

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Neither the twelve patriarchs nor the twelve wizards spoke.

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In the distant direction, a gap burst, but a great wizard cast his magic power, and three great wizards moved a mountain, crashing on the gap!

And Ao Mang managed to recover from the half-dead state of being beaten. His eyes could see things. At this time, his body was seriously injured, and his blood had dropped by at least one-third. Ao Mang was furious, but he saw good The concubine who just accepted it, after two more blows, heard the roar of a beast, and ran away with oil on the soles of her feet!

These fireballs turned into different shapes, some were blue, some were yellow, and of course more were crimson. The fire essence exploded and turned into a singularity of endless light. The totem god "Hao" felt him His qi was being disturbed, so he made a quick decision and immediately returned to the totem pole and never came out again!

A huge stone city with a complete functional system is an important factor in determining whether it can be a civilization or a state. Otherwise, if you surround it with a pile of wooden fences, people who know it will know that you are living in the period of the Five Emperors. Those who knew thought you just came back from hunting with the Three Emperors.

An old man praised it, and at the same time looked at the large rice field that had not been fully harvested, and his heart was filled with infinite dawn.

Lishan is a highland, so there should be nothing wrong, and there is Lei Zeshi... Although no one knows that he is still in Lei Ze, but he should protect Lishan.

Among them, Lei made Xiaoman feel interesting, because when Lei talked with Xiaoman, he mentioned that he was four brothers.

Chisongzi's voice suddenly raised an octave, and Yuzai was taken aback. From a trance to almost sudden death, he heard Chisongzi ask loudly:


Danzhu did not reject him at all: .

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