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【adding studnet loans to credit matrix for bankruptcy even though they cant be discharged 】 Tai Tai suddenly laughed, and the old man smiled happily. 。

Where there is no electricity!

Unexpectedly, the emperor included losers like Gonggong Kanghui and rebels like Gonggong Kongren in the list. Some ministers around thought it was inappropriate, but Bo Chengzigao stood up and reprimanded them, saying that although the Gonggong The Gong family has been jumping back and forth all the time, but at least they have seriously controlled the water. The crimes committed must be repaid, but the merits cannot be erased.

The emperor made an all-round interpretation, all praising the meaning of the name of the God of Yu, and the reading comprehension he made was naturally unconstrained. Anyway, the right to interpret the text, now he does not lie in the concubine.....

"Xuanhou, is Guangchengzi alright?"

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Xie Hou can't say why, but he just thinks that the current situation is very good, if it is slower, the road will be longer...
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The Youlu clan is an ancient tribe living in the Chaohu River Basin. Although it is one or two hundred kilometers away from the place where the Youchao clan lived, and it was also a tribe that split from the Youchao clan in the past, the culture was severely torn apart later. At that time, it was still the tribe of Rong and Yi, and it was bought by Chu State at that time. At that time, the leader of the Lu people "Lu Ji Li" ran to attack the Yong State....
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"Hou people... Xiyi!"
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Zhang Hui is still scolding, once a person is old and can't get out of bed, his temper will become very weird, and he will get angry at every turn, and he mentioned that this arrow has been very arrogant recently, and was even called the fifth arrow in the world by Emperor Hong Teacher, Zhang Hui will become furious.
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But this is a woman....
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Hold Heng Yang to prevent it from falling to the west, hold Chaoyang to prevent it from returning to the east, the two suns are constantly alternating, but in reality, the real sun rises and slowly walks towards this mountain, 妘In Zhu's world, thinking about the appearance of the real sun, the third sun appeared.
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The moment the vibration stopped, Yan Zai suffocated a burst of anger, and immediately shot back with an arrow!
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