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【online bad credit mortgage loan 】 Song Yingjie added: "There is another point we must pay attention to: According to investigations, Dugu Linfeng recently obtained Indonesian citizenship and invested more than 200 million US dollars in Jakarta, mainly to acquire a rubber company. It is estimated that there is something through the local Chinese community. It doesn't matter, the kid from the Dugu family has been living like a fish in water in Jakarta, and he just returned to our Jiangcheng today, and he even brought an Indonesian girl over here, and walked through the streets with a swagger." 。

"She caught it, and she kicked Hao Shengwen's breastbone as hard as Mount Tai. It has nothing to do with me." Chu Shaoyan smiled, "I just came here to pick up the leak. This time, Zidie is the big hero."

"What?" Zidie was stunned, and then realized that he was talking about a mobile phone, her face blushed immediately, she silently threw the pink mobile phone over, and then took a step back.

"Ah!" Everyone was dumbfounded, and Emily even grabbed Chu Shaoyan's sleeve.

"This is Miss Kyoko. Kyoko, this is Mr. Chu I told you about." Toyotomi Maaya dragged out a girl from behind. This girl was only sixteen or seventeen years old, wearing a miniskirt, and looked very innocent.

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At this moment, Zhang Haohai's subordinates seemed to have sensed the dangerous aura on Chu Shaoyan's body, and held the gun against Chu Shaoyan's body again, cursing viciously: "Let's go!"
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A few black lines flashed across the rock man's forehead: Am I that bad?
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Unconsciously, it has been a month since Chu Shaoyan returned to Jiangcheng from Dongying. On this day, he unexpectedly received an email from the chairman of Baodao Haifeng Group on the other side of the strait, inviting him to visit Baodao. In this email, the other party even called him "little uncle", you must know that the chairman is over 60 years old! He remembered that October last year was the special period of the big storm in China's stock market. It was this very visionary and courageous chairman who once led the senior management of Haifeng Group to Jiangcheng to seek cooperation with Huading Group. Later, the two parties were still in Jiangdong Province. Taicang City jointly opened a daily chemical factory, and its operation has been on track for a year; this email made Chu Shaoyan involuntarily think of his teacher, and sighed a lot for a while.
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Wei Dongfeng sternly shouted: "Stand at attention! An unprecedented strange thing happened in our detention center today: an important suspect has disappeared! If this suspect named Guan Fengyi can't be found, I will be dismissed from office and even pursued legal responsibility, but Don't think about it too much! Think about it for me, has anyone come to the detention center to pick up someone in the past two days?"
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Chu Shaoyan did not help her this time, but stood quietly by the door.
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"Boss Zhang, what are you?"
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The reason is very simple, being disturbed by these three beautiful girls, the rock man's heart was disturbed, and some different changes occurred in his body.
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The "Fuzhou Blue Style Tour" that was once advertised on the provincial TV station was organized by Xiyang Company; Competition" and other fairly well-known activities.
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