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When Deng Chang came on stage, this year's Costen is different from the previous style, because this year's choreographer is a foreign training choreographer, so the clothing will be closer to the foreign training teacher's preference, and the previous style that loves rhinestones Compared with this time, the clothes have more dark lines, and it seems to have a sparse and light temperament. ... benefit of having a large down payment on a loan

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Thinking about the flying speed of the first-rank Illusory Immortal Gu who did not recognize the master at the beginning, the flying speed of the third-rank Floating Cloud Gu who has comprehended the insect skill can be compared to the third-rank, and the flying speed of the Illusory Immortal Gu is terrifying. The flying speed of Gu can even be compared with the fifth grade Floating Cloud Gu. .

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Not injured, but hurt and frustrated, so I didn't get up immediately. ...

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As soon as Lei Wang took a step, his feet retracted again.

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Gambling Gu battles, to prevent someone from firing empty guns, empty-handed white wolves, and betting against Gu insects, they must be placed off the stage in advance.

This malice made Su Ran puzzled.

Old Xi fell into deep thought.

The control of top-level voodoo requires extremely high blood and fire.

The best way to heal the Gu worms is to treat the Gu worms, which can make the Gu worms recover in a short time.

As for the shadow guard's authority, it is related to what kind of Gu worms the shadow guard can exchange for.

The two are having a conversation.

Therefore, there is no need to think too much about the inheritance of the divine Gu Dao, just send the divine Gu Dao to qualified inheritors.

It seems... It's a chase between Gu insects. .

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"Thank you Mr. Su for the invitation, fellow townsman, tomorrow morning, I will come to pay a visit in person." .

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