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【pnc newark shopping center mortgage loan officer 】 "You happen to be twenty-two people. After entering, at least act in groups of two to take care of each other." 。

Su Ran aroused great suspicion from the Changkong family!

He gasped.

Guan Xiang looked at the fifth-rank Gu in the hands of the fourth-rank moon hunter, a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth, and he passed out.

Although Kong Lao mentioned that the Yayoi sect might issue an order to kill him, he has been on his way for half a month and has not heard any news.

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Mutant Gu worms are of low value, as a new species, it is difficult to cooperate with the existing Gu art system, but they are still qualified and very popular as blood pattern carriers.
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It's not so much disappointment as distrust of Su Ran.
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"Ah...?" Wang Qinshu was a little confused.
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In fact, he also raised the human control Gu...
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"Let's cover it! Su Ran has nowhere to escape this time!" Changkong Hong said coldly.
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Ten days passed in a blink of an eye.
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Su Ran doesn't care about the combination with other high-level Gu techniques relying on physical strength. It is useless to him. His basic physical strength is limited to death.
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Su Ran did not guess wrong, the Ten Thousand Gu Building was indeed lacking of the fourth-grade spiritual Gu. At the entrance of the inheritance place, Kong Lao looked worried and anxious, while Wang Kuishan and Wang Kuimu had already gone out to adjust the fourth-grade spiritual Gu.
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