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【small land loan 】 A trace of power was fed back to the main demon and the ancient saint, and the two began to close their eyes and feel it. 。

After careful questioning, I found that the various abilities of the Illusory Immortal Gu have been improved a lot, the distance that Dou Zhuan Xing Yi can shuttle is longer, and the cooldown time is also shorter.

At that time, King Yuyi and Gu will join forces to gather all the semi-detached people, and then they can flatten the Demon Heart Sect.

Many years ago, he came here, saw the red coffin, and felt something in his heart.

What Su Ran can use now is the clone of Yuan Yue.

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After listening, Su Ran couldn't help looking at the sky, and said casually, "Is there reincarnation in this world?"
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"No, half-transcendence, the world has a sense, the movement is not small, Yu Yiwang has no breakthrough."
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Gu stopped.
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The Seventh Prince has a noble status, and Fu Mo Shangxian didn't neglect the other party by relying on his cultivation, he only said slowly:
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A large number of Beigong clan members died under Qu Jinghong's sword energy.
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What if the three Gu are combined into one?
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Although this battle is said to be a famous battle of thousands of demons, but the demon heart teaches the four demons to move together, and it will not be possible without making some big noises.
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Among the three immortals, there happened to be one who came from the ancestral court of the Xian Dynasty.
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