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【interest free loabs 】 "It doesn't matter," the ancestor of Heishan shook his head and said, "I have received definite news that this time Qianshan leader's pretext to avenge his father was indeed promoted by King Yuyi. In Qianshan City, there are people from King Yuyi. Once again, it may not be possible to take advantage of it." 。

"How?" Su Ran said casually.

This matter is getting more and more serious. It's not as simple as Su Ran's original idea that Duan Tianyuan would be destroyed.

How could it be in Su Ranna!

Immortal Gu doesn't work...

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Moreover, he is now a second turn Moon Immortal.
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With Bei Gongling's endorsement, this Qianshan leader will grab it as soon as he grabs it, and really just grab it at will.
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A man in a red robe wearing a mask stared at the water curtain.
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The hand of cold poison passed over Su Ran's body once, and the toxins in his body were still left, which was completely removed.
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Su Ran and Bei Gonghen appeared together in front of the Secret Law Pavilion. Bei Gonghen had previously promised that if Su Ran won the battle of the princes, he would reward two Immortal Gus to combine with one Domain Gu.
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It can't protect Beigong Ling at all!
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