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【what is surge credit card 】 It's just that no one ever thought that the person who married Mudan suddenly ran away on the day of the wedding, and in the blink of an eye, for some reason, the person died, and when the soul disappeared, only one word was left for Mudan. . 。

Seeing that he seemed to have a purpose, Mo Lingxiao said: "Yunque Immortal Palace has always only accepted people who suppress evil and promote good, agitate the turbid and promote the pure, and care about the common people. If there are people who are just for showing off and doing evil, no one will accept them your."

"Mr. Lingchang, Lord Chonghua, I can testify that it was Su Nian who broke into the Zhenmo Pagoda."

Su Nian looked sideways, watching Mo Lingxiao's heart feel warm, and after humming, his whole body seemed to be filled with strength in an instant.

"He is right. Whoever breaks the precepts will be punished. As a disciple of Yun Palace, Su Nian violated the palace precepts by ignoring the palace rules. He stole the forbidden wine and damaged the forbidden objects. He should be punished with three lashes and kneel in front of the hall for twelve At that time, the foot was banned for three months, and the Demon Town Tower was cleaned for three months as a punishment."

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Mo Lingxiao reacted quickly, and dodged in a flash. The sword moved too fast, and after the stab, it flew into the air. Seeing this, he quickly retracted his hand and swiped back without stabbing. The fierce sword was glowing red, Sweeping wildly in a fan shape, gravel rolled down where it affected, but because the sword was too far back, someone lay down again to avoid it.
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Toyotomi Maaya's words made Chu Shaoyan a little speechless. For ordinary women, it is easy to lie in the current situation, but it is obviously not possible for the smart Toyotomi Maaya.
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The three of them were sitting on the floor, and Xu felt that Mo Lingxiao was extremely tired. Liao Jinyu was a little worried: "Brother, you should close your eyes and take a nap for a while, your condition looks very bad."
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"What's going on?" Hearing Tang Hu's words, Chu Shaoyan immediately became interested.
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Mo Yunfeng just told Wuji Taoist Mo Lingxiao and Su Nian's master-student relationship, and Mo Lingxiao's failure to save Su Nian, but now, I am afraid that all kinds of things that happened in Yunque Palace will no longer be hidden. Can't stop.
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Su Nian spat, packed her bags and prepared to leave.
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The dim room suddenly flooded with golden light, and Mo Lingxiao stared at Su Nian intently, urging the spiritual power in his body to slowly force the elixir out of his dantian.
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"There are rules in the sect. Non-disciples of the sect will not pass on the immortal arts."
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