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"I'm looking at you, not me." Deng Chang answered calmly. ... 6 months in business can i get a small business loan

test. denied small business loan Lu Xi thought I didn't know, Deng Chang didn't go to the dance, he seemed to be getting better, but not completely. ….

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In the last group of the short program, Lu Xi came in second to last in the draw this time. He is in a good position and can see how the skaters in front are doing. Deng Chang is the second to last, and his luck is relatively unlucky. .

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After knowing each other for so many years, player Deng Chang was finally willing to take the initiative to say a few words to Lu Xi. ...

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The signature pen tapped on Lucy's knuckles.

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"Dad, don't worry." Lu Xi said, "Coach Chen treats me very well, everyone treats me very well, and I am very happy to train every day."

Orihara Chisato smiled and pointed to his ears, "It's red. If it's hot, go to the sidelines and blow some air."

"No." Lucy said.

Lu Xi triumphantly held up his mobile phone to look for Deng Chang: "They said that you will accompany me in the competition! You will accompany me!"

It is said that professional athletes will be laughed at.

This time I did the three-circle hook, because the hand position was very low when the three-circle hook took off. I had fun on the ice for a long time.

"That's not it." Lucy said, "I'm better than before."

So what if... now there is a second one?

Deng Chang was wearing the red and white school uniform of their school, carrying a schoolbag. The school uniform was loose, but he looked taller and thinner as a young man. Sometimes he would walk around during lunch breaks, and Lucy was used to it, so he waved at Deng Chang. I lowered my hand to show that I saw you. Deng Chang leaned against the edge of the ice rink and raised his hand symbolically. He probably had nothing to do anyway, so he came to see him.

Deng Chang squatted down so that he could be at eye level with Lucy who was sitting on the chair, and then said, "Congratulations on winning the national championship." .

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Of course, after a lot of hard training, Lucy's short program is not ugly, but compared with the little killer's style that suits him better, it is relatively mediocre. If it goes to the World Championship, plus With the current level of difficulty, it is estimated that the short program will be in the second to third groups after the competition, which is the middle level. .

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