what is the term for when you pay off a business loan and need to clear collaterial
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【mortage rate for business loan 】 Wen Zhengming sneered coldly, and said, "I am Wen Zhengming, director of the Supervision Office of the Public Security Bureau. What advice do you have?" 。

The main store of the beauty salon is very large, occupying an entire floor, and the assets are more than tens of millions. It is the core asset of the Peerless Jiali beauty and body chain store. When it burns, the first floor will go to the second floor, and the second floor will go to the third floor. When the female owner Lu Liyun and the fire brigade rushed over, the whole beauty salon has become There was a sea of flames.

Ye Jinlin and Guan Nuoxue felt the same way, but Li Rongrong, Jiangcheng's first female deputy mayor, stared thoughtfully at the rock man and smiled.

"Star field?" Mr. Wang was puzzled.

When Han Yu heard it, he laughed and said, "Sister Liu, you are still young, You Qi looks like a girl in her twenties, why do you have such a strange emotion!"

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"Shaoyan, can we also get engaged once after you get engaged, together with Li Rongrong, Ye Jinlin, Guan Nuoxue, Nangong Chengyu... don't be too special, just in Zetian's manor, let's do one quietly... "
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At the same time, Bai Jie is one of the four beautiful teachers in Dong'an Middle School, known for her plumpness, charm, fairness and beauty. Her husband, Zhang Jun, is also a teacher at Dong'an Middle School. He is tall and handsome.
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Shangguan Lingjiao Yinya bit her red lips firmly, and said calmly: "Don't worry, you can either kill me today or get out, there is no other way!"
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Yang Dayu's complexion changed drastically. He was very aware of the energy of the young masters and grandmothers in front of him. They were all descendants of the political and business figures in Yangpu District. It has the momentum of "those who follow me will prosper, and those who oppose me will perish"!
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There was no one in the huge villa. Mrs. Wu was in the hospital, and her three daughters were naturally by her side. And her son-in-law reluctantly followed her, probably for the sake of the final benefit.
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The next day, Chu Shaoyan did not go to Sucheng, but stayed in Jiangcheng to handle the affairs of Jinying Automobile Company. Fortunately, the new CEO Li Qingguan is not like Lu Chuanzhi and Yu Ziming, the top executives of Wujiang Energy Company. Relatively speaking, his EQ is too strong.
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OMG! Chu Shaoyan's eyes went black for a moment, and he almost fainted. She really deserves to be a girl who grew up in a place like the Butterfly Gang, she is simply...
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Satisfied, Mo Beixiong played a random move, but Jiang Zhengfeng intruded into one of his corners, and when he went to destroy it, he touched the opponent's Tesuji. The overly casual style of chess, coupled with Jiang Zhengfeng's fuzi in the previous layout stage, this corner has been dug out, and there are almost only two or three destinations left!
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