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Luo Siyuan was startled, then patted his head and smiled, reached out to shake Chu Shaoyan's hand: "I said this kid looks familiar, so it's Chu Shaoyan! I did meet this young man in the Jinling Gang case last time." I have met twice, and I am very impressed!" ... why are my student loans showing closed on credit report

test. how to get a business loan from chase bank Old Man Ye raised his thick and long white eyebrows slightly, and said, "He is not feeling well tonight, so..." ….

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easiest small quick loan - i need a large bill consulating loan with fair credit . Fortunately, at this time, Zheng Huimin was transferred to Hangcheng as the secretary of the municipal party committee. The other party knew the relationship between Luo Mingdong and Hangzhou's top leader, Zheng Huimin, so he let go and did not continue to bite. |.

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Fortunately, at this time, Lin Bangjie was lucky enough to catch the stone! Then the five seriously injured guys below did not have this ability, they were still flying down rapidly, driven by the safety rope, he couldn't catch it at all, so he slid down again! .

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If it is known by the world, wouldn't it be a taboo in human relations? Chu Shaoyan suddenly said: "Zidie, did you notice yesterday that sister Zetian looked at you? It's very ambiguous!" ...

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"嗤嗤" came Zidie's snicker from behind, what a lady of the Butterfly Gang! Chu Shaoyan smiled helplessly, closed the door with his backhand, and waited in the corridor.

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The two were silent for a while, Chu Shaoyan was resting his eyes with his eyes closed, but Zidie suddenly fell into his arms and asked.

Chu Shaoyan nodded helplessly: "Understood..."

child! Sure enough, I have a baby! Chu Shaoyan had tinnitus and dizziness for a while, and his whole body trembled. At this moment, he almost fainted from shock.

"I really regret letting you go to Yunzhou!" Luo Mingdong said angrily, then took a step forward, stretched out his hand and said, "Give me the child, immediately!"

The big man quickly took out his wallet, but was snatched away by the wretched guy, who then ran out like a hare.

After Ye Jinlin left, Chu Shaoyan called Jin Shangbang and Wu Tianhao respectively to inform them to take action. After putting down the phone, he stretched and suddenly smiled: "Song Yingjie called me yesterday and said that the three-month deadline has come. Let me test the soldiers he trained tomorrow, or should I catch him off guard today?"

"You mean..." Shangguan Zetian stared at the rock man and asked.

After Chu Shaoyan raised his arm and let his subordinates hastily bandage it, he walked over: "Mr. Luo, you should be very clear about the power of your Luo family by now, right? The Lin family is no less powerful than your Luo family in the political and business circles. As for the power on the road , the Lin family is said to be the underground boss of Hangcheng, and has dominated Hangzhou for more than ten years. If it weren't for the scruples about Secretary Zheng of the Municipal Party Committee, I think they would have done it long ago!"

Most of Zhao Zhaoping's face was flushed red from the beating. He couldn't believe what happened to him for a moment, and he was stunned.

Li Yiqian said with a smile: "Look, look. Our leader Jin is bragging again!" .

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Therefore, Liu Huide still respected Chu Shaoyan, even though he was just a commoner; after the meeting, Liu Huide summoned Ke Bin, the chief of the public security bureau, to introduce Chu Shaoyan to him. .

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