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An Ran interrupted him directly: "Tai Yanheng said the same thing, but the phantom he summoned from Feixiantai... is a majestic eight-faced god." .

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The reason why these two people are here is because of the little emperor?

His own combat power is not strong, and he walks the world entirely by stealing the gods.

"Unfortunately, this Tianyin Xingjun is still dead."

The silence of the crowd was even worse.

Immediately afterwards, the aura that made the three immortal kings palpitate dimmed bit by bit.

After waiting for a while, An Ran still didn't feel any attack.

"Even if due to various reasons, this son is really unknown, Xianqin hid all the news, even the marriage was not held...then the little emperor himself is impossible to know!"

A slender black-haired boy.

In the study, the voice became more and more suspicious.

First, he was entangled in a strange coffin, unable to escape or resist. .

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Min Yuanhang glanced at him, and said with a sneer: "Sure enough, you didn't put your heart into memorizing my instructions, did you? The teacher of the first major class was named Yu Hongzhi, who was a famous person in the dynasty, and even His Majesty the Emperor respected him very much. Studying the relationship between the human world and the fairy world, Lao Yu's course, is a compulsory course for every student of Tiandao Academy!" .

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