debt relief loans for people with bad credit
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【cap ed credit union education loans 】 Just when Bei Gonghen was about to place a third-class offering for Su Ran on the roster. 。

Let Bei Gonghen become the first son as soon as possible, preferably before the spirit of Gu comes out.

In addition, when the Gu essence is about to be born, during this period of Beigong's leadership, there may be instability, so you should pay more attention. "

Just be quiet now.

"Okay, let's get down to business."

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Su Ran's expression froze, and he entered the state of preparation again.
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There was no introduction in the golden text either, so Su Ran had to guess by himself.
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As Su Ran expected, the Immortal Flame was upgraded to the Immortal Realm.
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The two domain sources are most suitable for use in battle.
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Marquis Qian Shan led the eldest son out of Beigong City cleverly without being discovered by anyone.
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Combined Gu secret technique is Gu Immortal's trump card, Gu Immortal's conventional method is to attack with the domain power of Immortal Gu, but if Gu Immortal does not use the combined Gu secret technique, it will generally not be able to beat us Chu Yang..."
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The war under Gu Immortal is meaningless to any party.
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