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"Bang bang!" A wooden handrail in front of him was shattered, and the shattered fragments even splashed on his face, causing burning pain!

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Because of his status, this guy has always had considerable prestige among these disciples. At this time, he shouted angrily, and hundreds of inner disciples in the martial arts field responded, one by one, either wielding weapons, or swiping their fists. Even a few so-called celebrities who watched the ceremony couldn't stop them.

"He's older than me! Maybe he can't walk anymore, and I have to wear a wedding dress and push a wheelchair to church!"

Nangong Chengyu and Yin Cencen looked at each other and said, "Sister Zetian, the schedule is so tight, we don't have a chance to rest at all!"

However, there are always sharp thorns hidden behind the roses. Although these dandies have a large background, and they can even be called nobles, they have their own strong hands, which is unexpected by this group of arrogant young masters.

Chu Shaoyan stood up in embarrassment, and was about to leave, but was stopped by a nervous girl: "You want to just run away like this? Tell me about tonight's affairs first!"

Perhaps thinking that he had a good chance of winning, this guy became elated, and his eyes squinting at Chu Shaoyan were full of contempt.

Although Huo Luan's qualifications in the Municipal Bureau are relatively old, his status is only the director of the Countermeasure Research Office of the Criminal Investigation Corps. He can climb up to two deputy directors and even a senior member of the municipal party committee. In addition, he has beautiful women and money, which is a rare opportunity!

Twenty minutes later, Duan Mulan's nervous voice came from the communication system: "Brother Shaoyan, they... seem to have stopped, and at the same time another boat was approaching... I will send you the coordinates, about ten nautical miles northwest of you !"

The mischievous Huading Goddess covered her mouth and snickered, then said, "Actually, this will kill three birds with one stone, and there are many benefits!"

"What's the matter?" Jinghua's voice was quite cold, obviously the rock man had offended her severely before. .

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Koji Takeuchi with a gloomy face led more than a dozen people in strange costumes in three large off-road vehicles, and they were also rushing here. .

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