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【loan online to bank account 】 However, with the support of the onlookers, Su Ran could only continue talking. 。

Moreover, as long as he doesn't encounter a group of patterned leopards, sporadic patterned leopards, he can handle it.

"Good guy!"

"Heavy air is good, but to use heavy air, I have to find a pair of stretchy pants."

However, Zhang An really took care of him and gave him the corresponding hunting team equipment after he showed that he was bankrupt and gave up. Now, he has a set of cow armor on his body, and the rest of the protective equipment has been completed.

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There was a sense of comfort from the skin, and the strengthening was over, very quickly.
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He punched the claws with a straight fist, not only the shoulder bone of his right arm was shattered, but even the finger bones were cut off by the sharp claws.
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"This... I'll talk to Uncle Li next time." Su Ran also hesitated.
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Su Ran only felt a needle prick on his back, but didn't feel much, and continued to punch the skull Gu.
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Because he had experienced two stabbing pains all over his body, Su Ran was already immune to the pain to some extent. The stone's attack, hitting him, felt as if it didn't hurt or itch.
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"Hehehe," Bai Meier laughed softly, she didn't know that Xiao Yong was talking nonsense, and said, "Master, what happened tonight, I heard that Wu Youyou and Zhang An were killed."
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A lobby was arranged as a mourning hall.
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"If I tell Brother Su the truth, and Brother Feng invites us again, Brother Su will definitely not refuse us."
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