which credit score is used for renting an apartment
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【how to check broker credit score 】 In just 15 days, Han Xiang, who came back from abroad, was suddenly alone and unaccompanied! 。

In the lobby of the villa, all the leaders of the ferry business in Ryukyu Prefecture gathered. Among them were whites, blacks, and yellows. Obviously, these guys came from all continents. Perhaps because their freedom was restricted, they were in a very bad mood and kept smoking. At this time, the entire hall was full of smoke, a pandemonium. Around them, a dozen of Xu Dahui's subordinates stood there like a gun, staring at them expressionlessly.

Gao Meng saw that he was eating happily, and said with a smile: "Hey, I said Captain Chu, why are you so busy eating? I heard that you have a plan to eradicate the 'Royal No.

Just when he was about to speak, Chu Shaoyan spoke again, and his tone was still very calm: "President Ye, I, Chu Shaoyan, asked myself if I had thought about getting anything from your triple gang. Back then you asked me to talk to you I refused to work under your subordinates at first. Later, because of our cooperative relationship, I did not expect to get anything when I went to work under your subordinates for you. Except for the relationship between me and your father Ye Lao, the relationship between us It can also be counted as a friendship. Of course, for some reasons, you take good care of me. I can see this, and I am very grateful for it. But President Ye, you should know that people have different levels of patience. A limit, and if a man's endurance exceeds the limit, then he will do some crazy things!"

"The most important point is: Is Dugu Ba worthy of your loyalty and protection?" Chu Shaoyan finally threw out his trump card, "In fact, perhaps Dugu Ba has already been alerted to our actions, so he didn't Come here, not this island! Lu Zhen, don’t you find it ridiculous that you are still working hard for him after being abandoned by him?”

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Chu Shaoyan nodded in agreement.
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"Oh, thank you!" Chu Shaoyan supported the hospital bed with both hands and said: "It's getting late, I'm sorry to wake you up in the middle of the night, you go to rest, I will push my friend."
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He knocked on the door for five full minutes, but Han Xiang never opened the door. Isn't she at home? Chu Shaoyan tried to dial her number, but the phone was turned off.
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Although he was dazzled by desires, Chu Shaoyan did not completely lose his mind. Now Yan Shuya, who is almost reborn, has only known him for more than a day. Is it true that she likes him?
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Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly and said, "Actually, Ling Haoxuan's talent lies in planning, not in leading."
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Chu Shaoyan looked at his watch, and was a little surprised that it was still early. Why did Ye Tianhe call so early? While thinking to himself, he connected the phone and said, "President Ye."
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"And this kind of shuffling seems to be a perfect shuffling!" Chu Shaoyan revealed the mystery in his heart, looking a little excited: "From the beginning to now, this croupier has been shuffling and dealing the cards. And after the croupier When I showed the cards to the gringo and the guy in town, the guy in town basically didn’t look at the cards. As a person in the casino, he naturally knew that the cards were fine. Although the gringo glanced at the cards, he didn’t look at the cards. Very casual!"
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Following the light of the flashlight, the thin man instantly saw the familiar face.
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