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And the scene of completing the evolution was surrounded by those Jingwei birds, and soon chatted with each other. These Jingwei birds looked at Guzi curiously, because Guzi was just an ordinary-looking bird at first. It's just a little yellow chicken. ...

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"We can even shock him a little bit more."

"You are also a manager? You are so young, you probably don't know how to control the water, so you should lend me your people."

Yijun asked a few friends, but Xi Zhong jumped out to say that he had written it down.

In the distance, it seems that a pair of eyes have opened, ferocious and absurd, like the light at the moment of ignorance.

Di Fangxun thought of a lot at once. Because of the sparse population, the South has three consecutive years of harvest to have so much food. If the Central Plains widely promotes the southern planting methods, then after three years in the Central Plains, will it be possible to open up a piece of land? What about the "market" that has never existed since ancient times?

So, soon, a small dilapidated house was built near Qianli Woye, a guy with chains and heavy shackles, the huge iron ball was said to be a torture tool made by Yijun, and the guy with disheveled hair The tall and tall man in the village began to be accompanied by a group of dirty piglets.

Fang Xun was a little surprised when he heard the word "South". At this time, he remembered that Uncle Xi and the others had said that there was a tribe in the south that was good at water control. Last time, because of Huandou's obstruction, Yan Long and the others did not take the Chifang clan into consideration. He told the emperor some things, so this issue was directly hidden, and it seemed ambiguous.

A tribal wizard who weighed so many things from one....

Yuzai is sorting out everything here, the Jiuli family is developing very well now, and I can see Zhu Rong and Chong Bo watching from a distance by the edge of the rice field. Land, even better.

This made Xiaoman's aunt very embarrassed, and said: "Xiaoman is at home and often sleeps until the sun rises. The beasts in the mountains have already searched for food before they go out slowly. It is so delicious and lazy, how can it be beaten?" Where is the prey?" .

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At this time, the great wizard of the Zong Kingdom was disgraced and tied up, walking all the way, surrounded by two great soldiers from the Chen Feng clan to guard him. At this time, the crusade against the Zong Kingdom was over. .

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