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Xia Lei gave the four of them a hard look before following them. .

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[I'm really speechless, I didn't expect that it's all interstellar, and there are still people who judge people by their appearance. 】 ...

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The three of them immediately speeded up and ran towards the direction of the two new players at full speed.

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Ye Zuoyou calmed down and began to carefully observe each bee in the hive.

"Well, sister Sophia won't say goodbye to us?"

Before he finished speaking, a powerful sea wave suddenly hit everyone.

"Okay." Song Yu'an couldn't say any more.

[Did you get attacked by something? 】

"What are you thinking, my lord?"

"Open the city gate."

Curious why Song Yu'an and Ye Zuoyou fell in love with Ye Zuoyou so much after they knew each other for less than a month, wondered why Ye Zuoyou's ranking surpassed that of Song Yu's, and wondered what kind of person Ye Zuoyou was.

Wells Manor wants to make money every year through mining and agriculture.

"Big, my lord, no need..." .

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[I said at the time that other people would be able to solve it when they arrived. Now that I see the number, I am afraid that Xie Yi and Xia Lei will also come, so they can't solve it easily, right? 】 .

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