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【how to get payday loan online 】 Taoist Feiling was immediately promoted to the Supreme Elder of the Taixuan Sword Sect, his salary was super doubled, and his status was equal to that of the suzerain. In addition, there were a series of salary promotions, which will not be repeated here. 。

Since the blood meteor came from the fairy world, the first valley that was smashed out was named Xianyi Valley.

"Very good, the system is still very energetic, continue to work harder."

"after that……"

He took out the token of Taixuan Jianzong, activated it with mana, and pointed it at the little one.

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"It's just that the immortal didn't leave, but stayed by Wang Zhengchu's side all the time, but all of us lost our eyes!"
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"In the past month, I have often seen a young girl near the gate of Yulingzong. She is so pure and pitiful. She often asks the passing immortals if there is any great medicine that can turn a girl into a man. Come out, that girl is the maid who follows Sect Master Wang..."
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The expression of the Blackening Lotus Moon Saintess seemed somewhat anxious.
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Facing the strange monsters in the mining area, so what if you have thought about your last words?
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The Wangxiantai space, which had been busy for many days, once again returned to silence.
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An Ran looked at this brand new fairy, or in other words, the complete spirit of Wangxiantai.
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It's the same as a math grade, no no is no no.
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Why isn't An Ran afraid?
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