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【college student loan 】 Lu Lingyou and Shangguan Lingjiao were stunned, but Chu Shaoyan laughed and said: "Very good, very good. At least the mental condition has recovered well, and some of the special service personnel from a few years ago have the demeanor!" 。

"Yeah." Hua Zidie neatly slipped from the back seat to the front seat, threw herself into the arms of the rock man, hugged his waist and whispered coquettishly: "You were so strange just now, for a moment I even thought I was never knew you..."

Li Hongbing said: "Yes! I just left the police station to report that there was a violent explosion in the residence of Lin Bangjie, the vice president of our Provincial City Chamber of Commerce, causing heavy casualties! Hey, what a wave of unrest and another wave!"

Seeing Lingjiao's behavior on the other end of the phone, all the girls in the manor couldn't laugh or cry for a while, Guan Nuoxue had to call to remind: "Lingjiao, you... Did you say the wrong generation? Your man's daughter, what is your name? Missing sister?"

Song Yingjie smiled wryly: "There is no question of whether you can figure it out or not. You even moved out the life I owed you. Is it too much for me to agree?"

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Unexpectedly, as soon as he walked over, Luo Yun's face suddenly changed drastically. He grabbed the rock man's ear, twisted it firmly, stared at him and said, "Chu Shaoyan, who will have a second or third child with you? Even continue to give birth? Do you think I am the sow of your Chu family?"
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I don't know why, seeing that Chu Shaoyan loves his daughter so much, although he has always been stubborn, Luo Yun's heart is sweet and light, and it is extremely useful. Even if the unexpected wealth is brought to the front of his eyes, it may not bring such joy.
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"Damn it, Xiaolong, you really want this girlfriend, you won't lose your life if you're crazy about it!"
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Chu Shaoyan was depressed, and immersed himself in recording the main points in the video, and then made a short message format and sent it to Wang Hong of the Criminal Investigation Team on his mobile phone.
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Chu Shaoyan shook his head with a wry smile and said: "Those guys are all vicious people. Even if we can kidnap them, I'm afraid it will be difficult to stop them from doing outrageous things before they are kidnapped. The only one who can achieve it is Zhao Zhaoping. Political giants, there is no way we would risk antagonizing the Security Service."
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Chu Shaoyan was very helpless. It seemed that there was another lustful beauty in his harem, but I don’t know if Bai Feiyan was stronger than the others in terms of stamina. Those beauties begged to push away every time they felt refreshed. Then, contentedly, she hugged herself and fell asleep, like a piggy, regardless of her man, who was still burning with evil fire, making it difficult to fall asleep.
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Chu Shaoyan didn't even bother to talk to this unqualified young lady of the Dugu family. He stared at Situ Jun and said: "Mr. Situ, please take your woman away." Jun recently got engaged to Dugu Yuzhen, that's why Chu Shaoyan said so.
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When everyone saw it, they saw a trendy girl wearing a T-shirt, leather pants, a dog collar, and eyelids with diamonds inlaid with a smile, staring at them, followed by a group of fashionable men and women in strange clothes.
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