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"The next step is to wait for the most critical moment, the moment when the two universes completely merge..." ... free printable 1st grade student interest inventory

test. compare interest free credit card Although Zhuang Miao is known as a robber saint, his cultivation is really too low. Even after experiencing the changes of the world, his current cultivation can only reach the realm of conquest of saints. ….

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An Ran sighed, and her tone seemed a little helpless: "But it seems that you were entangled by these tentacles while passing through the turbulent flow of space." ...

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His tone of voice seemed to be three-point mocking, three-point emotion, and three-point... er, that's pretty much what it meant.

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And when he branded the Dao of Reincarnation on the Heavenly Lotus of the Immortal Dao, under the sympathy between heaven and man, the Dao of Heaven and Earth spontaneously changed, allowing the entire universe of the Immortal Dao to merge with the Dao of Reincarnation, thus giving birth to the fiftieth lotus petal.

There was boundless sternness in the eyes of the Goddess: "Even if your master comes, he can't save you—"

Finally, the Immortal King was keenly aware of this point: "The Divine Artifact of the Heavenly Tribulation fell into the ancient restricted area, and now it has appeared again. Obviously, there are other forbidden forces in the restricted area... that were born!"

The moment the voice fell.

"The Immortal Universe is finally about to take shape."

The floating tentacles come from the same source as the Godmother, so they can naturally interfere with the space blockade. With the help of the floating tentacles, An Ran successfully broke through the space on the front side and returned to the land of Xianqin.

Now that he thinks about it carefully, he realizes that he might as well not think about it!

"So does your mother."

An Ran nodded lightly: "Deliberately or unintentionally, it is not difficult to severely injure Kunji and scare Sen Luo away."

Outside the Great Wall of Beimian. .

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What's more, Tian Gongzi's master is her acquaintance! .

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