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"Since you came out, we just happened to be recruiting here, so it's time to come..." .

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Is it Jingwei, or Yaoji? ...

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After translating, God gave a response to Dayi.

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However, Xiang's attitude was very firm, and he even vented his grievances to the lamb. After scolding him angrily, the lamb left and walked about ten feet away.

"I'm a witch. Wu doesn't passively take on the responsibilities of the tribe! He has to take the initiative! Even if he is ordered in a crisis, he can't be like me, as if he has no choice but to carry a tribe."

Like the patriarch of the Giant Elephant, there are many, many people who don't know Yuzai. They look at this little wizard who is neither Xunshan nor Chaisang standing on the earthen platform, and their eyes express indifference and irritability.

"You know my name, but you dare to violate the border! San Miao attacked the south, didn't you do a fortune-telling at the ancestral temple?"

The army of burning dogs trampled on the ground from afar, rushing towards here, howling and barking!

"Ah, those are the gods Shang Pian and Sang Lin! They are the children of Nuwa, and they are the ancient gods of Fuxi's time!"

Whether the big shot is satisfied or dissatisfied, it doesn't have much impact on the South.

"The night is governed by the stars, the big moon, and the rooster. When the big moon rises in the east, the star Chang Gung appears in the western sky..."

Raise a ground beast to guard the gate? This business is not bad, the deterrence is enough, and the animal husbandry should be developed.

The ancient mountains and seas belonged to offshore navigation. Generally speaking, just like Emperor Fangxun, the people of the Central Plains did not pay much attention to the shipbuilding industry, so the emperor was disdainful and angry about Danzhu's behavior of building large ships, because the Central Plains could buy them directly. .

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Guzi tilted his head. .

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