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The earth quaked, rocks continued to fall from various places, and the corrosive fog continued to invade the main inheritance area. ... easy business loan start up

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Nine Gu worms, one ninth-rank, eight eighth-rank, each lying on the stone platform. .

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After a long time, the situation has not changed. ...

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Yue Nuer said happily: "The crescent imprint of Jueyang will change in shape, but the crescent imprint of the demon envoy will eventually grow into a full moon."

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Wang Yongyan sadly replied: "Almost, Mr. Xi covered everyone's breakout, was entangled by six ninth-grade Gu controllers, and was accused of a sneak attack by human insect spores, and was charged..."

In addition, I have also sent a letter to the ninth-rank patriarch of Qushang City. From now on, everyone should take it easy, get together, and don’t wander around. I suspect that the Bone Tomb is targeting the Gu masters in Duantianyuan, but there is a surprise from Qu Hong Zai, don't worry too much, it is impossible for the Bone Tomb to deploy the ninth-rank human control Gu, and the ninth-rank Gu masters from Qushang City and Mingguang City will come to support quickly. "

Changlin City has long been on standby, and all the people are soldiers.

Thinking of the relationship between myself and Immortal Gu, in fact, friends are greater than masters and servants.

The new strange sea starting from Duantianyuan has expanded to a range of thousands of miles centered on Duantianyuan. However, with the dumping of a large number of strange moon corpses, the expansion of the strange sea has slowed down.

Immortal War Relics, it is indeed time to go.

Everyone followed the sound and looked over, a large number of Gu controllers slowly walked out of the corrosion fog area...

Of course, Su Ran is not as exaggerated as Wen Dao, but he is also very curious.

Su Ran also confirmed the number of ninth grade Gu, less than thirty.

Su Ran said in a deep voice; "Is it true that after knocking out the fairy book, Jue Yue's identity can no longer be hidden? Gu Immortal can also find out that I am Jue Yue?" .

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"Haha, it's really lively. It made me see clearly the faces of the major forces in the Human Domain." .

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