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But before Yan Qingzhu went crazy, An Ran continued to ask: "Actually, what I'm more curious about is, Junior Sister Qingzhu, when you transformed back into the bamboo body, weren't you naked all the time? Why did you become a human? In the future, will you care about this kind of problem in turn?" ... what is a reverse mortgage definition

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"Fellow Daoist Yuxu, it's up to you!" .

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After hesitating for a long while, An Ran suddenly said. ...

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The Tianyin Realm is also about to be shattered.

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Everyone in Serfon Fairyland saw mushrooms.

"You guys are having a good time."

"I'm afraid I can't wash it off anymore..."

The Goddess suddenly straightened up, brushed her fingertips across An Ran's chest, and gave him a wink, and then her tentacles cut through the void, and her figure gradually faded away.

"That's right, she will definitely use various means to try."

What you say is what you say, what you do is what you do.

Your system is produced by Bingxixi, right? !

"It seems that it is not very good for the time being."

An Ran couldn't help covering her face.

It can be said that if Zhu Tianjun hadn't rushed to the first universe and hadn't taken the initiative to participate in the interception, perhaps just now, An Ran would have been directly broken into the dojo, and wiped out instantly. .

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Tens of thousands of tentacles danced wildly, filled with boundless evil spirit, like anchors dropped from a ship, constantly piercing through the void, trying to limit the broken and collapsing sky! .

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