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"You said that your poison can make the Dao Realm collapse, right?" ... southern illinois university student loan

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Lu Chengde nodded again, with a look of reason: "The founder of this pavilion once said that muscles are not for reasoning, but muscles can make people listen to your reasoning." ...

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"You say it's a chance? Then I say it's a trap. How can you prove it's a chance?"

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What do you think you are drawing?

Originally, Elder Xuanxin's traces were very hidden, even those discovered by the masters of Jianzong, most of them were deliberately left by him to mislead.

"If you can take this bell in your hand..."


But in this way, it was in line with his expectations.

There are even a few auras among them, which made Taoist Feiling feel the long-lost familiarity: "Could it be that this group of people were released by them to test me? There is such a possibility. The understanding is still stuck many years ago, and it is understandable to try a trick..."

After pondering for a moment, Lobster seemed a little unwilling, and whispered a word to An Ran.

"What is the bladeless sword body? It doesn't seem to be a function of the Sword Dominance system, uh, wait... I seem to remember that time..."

On the contrary, An Ran, strictly speaking, did not know him very long.

So why not be a little louder now? .

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Nanming Immortal King No. 2 was silent for a long time, just when An Ran thought this guy was dead, a new message appeared in his vision. .

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