what if i stop paying my car loan
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【how to repay parent plus loan 】 The Gu essence has arrived! 。

It's really Gu Immortal coming!

While chatting and laughing, Su Ran took out the Fei Immortal Gu again.

Su Ran went directly to the water curtain of the magic palace.

Gong Jiuhuang took the words and said slowly:

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Changqingzi was shocked, how could he not die.
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Jue Yang aimed at the Demon Envoy mainly because he wanted to obtain the Demon Heart Sutra. Only when the Demon Envoy died, the Demon Heart Sutra would reappear. It was rumored that practicing the Demon Heart Sutra could reach the true limit of cultivation, and Jue Yang flocked to it.
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Let’s just talk about the last step of the three steps of becoming an immortal, the fusion of human and gu, and the combination of human and gu seems easy, because the fused Gu is the Gu that grew up with oneself.
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It was a hearty victory.
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The outsider Gu masters have already left Changlin City, and stayed in Changlin City. They are all descendants of two families, plus some reinforcements, the total number is less than 20,000.
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"I can tell you, the other three Marquis Mansions around Beigongling have sent Gu Immortals over, and even King Yuyi also sent Gu Immortals over."
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This request was made and no one raised objections.
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—— Domain Source: Three Cold Water Immortal Gu sources (can be captured).
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