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【loans with no credit checks 】 "Sister Lingjiao, some..." She said, but the sound of the drumsticks buried her words behind her. 。

At this moment, Mo Beixiong and Xiao Zhengnan looked at each other, smiled calmly and raised their hands and said, "Comrade Xiong Xuanjiang is indeed responsible, and I agree to transfer him away from the City Construction Committee. However, despite this mistake, Comrade Xiong Xuanjiang still has some shortcomings in his appointment to the City Construction Committee." If there are few meritorious achievements, the past few years are also the years when Jiangcheng Urban Construction has developed the fastest and done the most practical things! It happens that our city university in Jiangcheng is short of a vice president, let Comrade Xiong Xuanjiang go there!"

According to the information provided by Song Yingjie, it can be concluded that Jiang Shaoyun is just Lin Bangjie's henchman. It is the plan of "Shao Shaoyan".

As he said that, he jumped down suddenly. This is the third floor of the hotel, but it is only 8 meters high, and there is no threat to him at all. However, the girl jumped out almost at the same time, stretching gracefully like a diving body. It was exaggerated and terrifying, but her little head roared towards the concrete floor!

The girls were about to stop them in fright, but when the figures flickered, the tea mug was snatched away, and then Chu Shaoyan drank up the tea mug of shochu in one gulp, and put the tea mug back down with a bang. on the table.

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Shangguan Zetian nodded lightly and said: "Cheng Ju's news is really well-informed. In fact, I just learned that Wu Tianming, the general manager of Xianyuan Real Estate, privately affiliated Tianfang Company with Xianyuan Real Estate, and took the opportunity to seek personal gain. Wu Tianming's The behavior violated our Huading Group’s interests and relevant executive regulations, and we are also dealing with it. If Cheng Bureau does not believe it, we can check the relevant accounts.”
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"Every one!" Song Yingjie nodded, and then asked in surprise: "Are there many? It seems that I only heard of two or three."
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Luo Yun "woo hoo" a few times, gave up resistance again, even hung his jade arm around the rock man's neck, and closed his eyes.
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As he spoke, he took the lead and suddenly walked towards the study. The old man's expression meant that there might be a serious case, so the Luo family looked at each other in blank dismay, not daring to comment further. Liu Shufen hurriedly got up and directed the two daughter-in-laws to pour tea, which was quickly served.
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Chu Shaoyan looked at Zidie, as if he didn't know her for a while. In the past several encounters, she has always had a stinky face, her small head is always held high, and she has a kind of arrogance that rejects people thousands of miles away. Her usual makeup is also quite mature, and she shows wisdom that does not match her age.
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"My iPhone!" Shangguan Lingjiao exclaimed.
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Chu Shaoyan said with a faint smile: "Mr. Ye, I think you are being self-indulgent. In terms of property, the Shangguan family's assets will only be more than your Ye family's. Will I give up as much as I can?"
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"It's really beautiful!" Girls love beauty by nature, and the others couldn't help admiring after seeing it, and took out the amber from the box one after another. Or butterflies, or geckos, or beetles, these small insects are all alive, and seem to still be living in some landscape paintings, and the color of these ambers is quite good, two blue and two green.
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