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【instant online title loan alabama 】 "Shangxian can't, there are 15 land areas within Su's collar to guard, if there are no Gu Immortal guards, if there are thieves attacking, all land areas will be destroyed..." Mo Patriarch. 。

Fifth Prince said indifferently, "Accept, or not?"

"I am a thousand demons, the mask and the green robe should all have the word 'thousand'..."

what did they see.

"Yes, I want a Living Soil Gu, and the Demon Heart Sect has it, so I will join the Demon Heart Sect. So far, the Demon Heart Sect refers to Qu Jinghong's enemy!" Qu Jinghong said neither humble nor overbearing.

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Su Ran conducted an ability test on the Illusory Immortal Gu that had eaten two clusters of domain spirits.
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Caimei Shangxian wants to retire.
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Old Demon came to see him specially, presumably to give him this ice puck.
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With a sweep of Yu Shaqiang, he cut through Nanshanhou's body several times, and at the same time stabbed Nanshanhou's natal Gu a few times.
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Marquis Qianshan snorted coldly, he is a dignified fourth-class prince, he cannot live without immortal soldiers, and Fang Tianbao has a four-region immortal weapon.
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Of course, if one can win by leaps and bounds, the strength of the invincible domain power will increase very quickly.
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The power of Su Ran's true poison has a base strength of 21.5, plus the blessing of invincible domain power and immortal soldiers, the strength now exceeds 50.0.
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There is a magic envoy in Lei Gong's collar!
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