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【interest free jewelry loans toronto 】 Su Ran's cold light swept over the Gu controllers, and finally landed on Zong Zu, pointing his hand: "How many strands will kill this bug?" 。

"Mansion Master, Su Ran's strength is unfathomable. I was there at Xiaogushan. Although Zongzu is at large, but when it comes to the time for Su Ran to kill Zongzu, it is only an instant. Su Ran is invincible!"

Ninth-grade Gu was captured and blended in one by one.

The eighth rank Gu master vomited blood and retreated.

As long as there are enough Spiritual Enlightenment Fruits, the eighth-rank Gu and ninth-rank Gu will become easier.

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"That's right, heart-frightening Gu, but Chang Qingzi's trump card, there is no rank two Gu Immortal who is not afraid of heart-frightening Gu, this secret method of combining Gu is extremely difficult to learn."
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"Yes, it is integrity. The integrity of the land is extremely important, but after the Central Territory is broken, it has lost its integrity and is no longer protected by the Dayu Immortal Dynasty."
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Su Ran already knew that what she did was wrong.
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With rank nine Illusory Immortal Gu, capturing Flying Immortal Gu is not a problem.
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The previous eight wisps of poisonous power were completely consumed by Zongzu Zu, and the remaining two wisps of poisonous power became clean after killing a piece of nine-rank Gu controler.
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Su Ran frowned slightly. He originally wanted to ask more questions, such as questions about demon envoys and demon servants.
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The Changkong family and Lin family members who were injured in the city have all recovered.
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If given the chance, Su Ran will not let Wu Shanyou go!
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