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"The nascent totem is relatively weak and cannot fully utilize the power of the clan, but it is like a seed that has been planted, and it is only a matter of time before it grows stronger." .

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But now, they seem to have inadvertently aroused the boy in yellow shirt's interest in the immortal universe, and the boy in yellow shirt always acts with an inexplicable evil in his behavior.

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"At that time, although the Chifang will be destroyed, the flood will decline, and you and my family will never die. As long as one of our Chifang survives...!"

"My lord, when you knocked me off the Great Wall of Beimian, your heroic appearance and demeanor still make my heart flutter to this day."

At this moment, An Ran's expression changed slightly, and he saw that after this dream universe was shattered, he did not return to the dream land, but there were countless stars coming, and there was an invisible force in the dark that wanted to destroy the dream world. He's dragged into a new dream universe!

Yan Zai encouraged all the clansmen, and all the clansmen waved their shovels vigorously!

In the Chifang clan, only the old patriarch is the majestic level.

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An Ran couldn't care less, saw this scene, and immediately chose to take action.

"I'll ask you how you lost!!"

The terrible impact swept across, leaving scars that criss-crossed billions of miles on this dead land.

"The Tianhe navy is stationed in front, idlers stop, and those who violate it will be killed!" .

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"But it's too late to refine the Treasure of the Heavenly Dao. Many materials are unique." .

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