is a small business loan installment loans or revolving credit
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【how to get a small business loan for veterans 】 "Is career important?" Luo Yun said indifferently, "It was at the scene of the earthquake in Yunzhou, southwest China, that I realized soberly that human life is really too fragile. Fame, wealth and honor are like dust. An earthquake, all Property is destroyed, but as long as life is preserved, everything is possible." 。

Hua Youlan's voice suddenly trembled like weeping, she covered her face.

Fatty An sneered and said in a low voice: "Boss, Liu Yunkai's relatives are too worthless, especially his bastard uncle. Wouldn't it be better for him not to let Jin Shangbang punish him?"

Shu Lihong nodded and said, "I know that too, but there is a tightness in my chest. The Public Security Bureau of the provincial capital suddenly got involved in this case, and there is a report report. Lin family, don't we know? If It's not the former Deputy Secretary Dai..."

Chu Shaoyan said decisively: "Li Yiqian, call the police immediately, seal up the scene, and at the same time ask your subordinates with unclean identities to leave and not meet the police face to face! In addition, look for witnesses to prove your innocence!"

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"Ah! You skinless and shameless girl!" Liu Danyan rushed over angrily, grabbed Guan Nuoxue and scratched her under the armpit, and the big woman rolled from the sofa to the ground like crazy. Nangong Chengyu who was standing was knocked down, causing the gentle girl to rub her butt and yell.
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Liu Danyan laughed suddenly, with tears in her eyes, her face was pale, she stood up unsteadily, without distinction or words, she just walked towards the inner room like that.
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"Really?" Luo Yun's face beamed with joy.
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In the past few years, the investment in Jiangcheng's urban construction has been huge, and the urban construction committee can be said to be a fat job, and the Tong family has long been eyeing it. Although Xu Yuanpei is the deputy mayor in charge of urban construction and transportation, Xiong Xuanjiang, the director of the urban construction committee, is Xiao Zhengnan's direct descendant. He doesn't sell Xu Yuanpei's account in many matters, and Tong's family can't handle urban construction at all.
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Then he looked at his watch and said, "It's getting late, and it's going to be dawn soon. Mouse, you and your subordinates should rest first. I'll study these materials and analyze the current situation."
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For example, regarding the photo of Wei Hong and Lin Bangjie in the same bed, although Wei Huatong was very angry and excited, he did not immediately confirm the authenticity of the photo, but quietly entrusted a first-class expert in the industry to conduct an appraisal . After repeated demonstrations by experts, they finally came to the same conclusion as the experts of the Criminal Investigation Corps: the traces of PS could not be found, and the authenticity was over 90%!
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However, during the heated debate of the Standing Committee, Xiao Xi, the acting secretary, produced a lot of evidence, while Tong Xi quickly lost the upper hand by relying on his mouth alone.
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"Hush!" Chu Shaoyan suddenly turned his head and raised his index finger on his lips, and then pulled her to a corner, but it turned out that several people were walking towards this side.
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