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Hei Lian smiled and said: "It's useless, it seems that I'm really crazy." ... classic car loans with bad credit

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I want him to understand the greatness and glory of the venerable Alosander name! .

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While speaking, the sword box behind Ye An opened, and sharp swords flew out one after another, forming a sword ring behind him. ...

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Ye An said: "Could it be that the blood of the descendants of the Liu family is used to activate it?"

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Jiang Li narrowed his eyes: "Really not?"

Jiang Li clicked his lips, he thought a lot, and he suddenly felt that the world became more and more interesting. But what Jiang Li is most curious about is the one behind the scenes. At this moment, seeing god-level demons descending, aura recovering, cultivators rising, and even monsters appearing... what kind of mood will it feel? When can it shrink?

Hei Yu's fist strength is extremely concentrated, the strength concentrated in the fist does not spread at all, just punch out, and the huge sound wave is directly blasted away!

Husky said aggrievedly: "How do you know they said this again later?"

When Jiang Li heard this, he immediately laughed, and casually threw a grape to Hei Lian and said, "Go back to the pre-liberation period, let's go back to the pre-liberation period, anyway, it's easy to make money now, and you can't die."

Jing Ying was the first to speak out. Jing Ying shouted through the media: "Jiang Li indeed killed two gods, and those two gods were assisting my brother to suppress the devil at that time. In order to save the devil, Jiang Li killed all the way. , my eldest brother and second brother stood up to stop him, but they couldn't stop him.

After a while of silence, someone said: "Although that's the case, Jiang Li really hates people too much!"

Jiang Li turned on his phone and looked at the comments below the relevant news. However, to Jiang Li's surprise, although some people below had made such a guess, they were flooded with messages the next moment.

After entering the door, Ma Dong and Pan Li approached timidly and said, "Teacher, we have something to tell you."

My uncles gave me a box, which contained my father's military medals and certificates. They said that this was a gift my dad originally wanted to bring back to me, but now they can only pass it on to me. They said, my dad is their pride, and I am my dad's pride... But I almost forgot what my dad looks like... .

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Daha rushed directly to the roof of the building, and then lay on the ground with his feet in the air, his mouth wide open, sucking grievances into his mouth, that posture, that expression, no matter how you look at it, he looks like a dick. .

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