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But he can be sure of one thing, if he really said that, I am afraid that his life in the Sanlianhui will not be easy in the future. Perhaps Ye Tianhe would abandon him immediately, or even send someone to deal with him. This is not impossible, because Ye Tianhe is a hero, a gangster... ... how can u remove a student loan with a complaint to the consumer reporting

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how to pay for books at w&l with student loan - what is a qualifying employer for student loan forgiveness . At the same time, other people in the conference room also found some clues from Ye Tianhe's decision. Although they didn't know why Ye Tianhe did this, they all understood that from this moment on, Chu Shaoyan's position in the Sanlian Association would change. Earth-shaking changes! Don't say it was them, even if they called the hall masters from all over the place here, they didn't dare to make trouble with Chu Shaoyan and Ye Jinlong and confront signs of disrespect. |.

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They issued a statement before saying that there was a problem with the preliminary project. Even if it was found that there was no problem with the project, at most they would say that they put forward that point of view out of caution, so that everyone can accept it; but now after the inside story broke out , if they make a statement unscrupulously, there will be a problem! In addition, the background of the construction party's community on the road is a background they have to take into account! .

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Chu Shaoyan knew that this was the reason why Shi Pinghu rejected his proposal, and then said: "I said, Mr. Shi, if you still want to continue to be the chief of the police station steadily, then you just listen to me and stand up immediately Come on, go back to your villa, hug your woman and go to sleep!" Chu Shaoyan's expression was cold, and his tone did not hide his anger: "If you insist that I am not qualified to talk to Governor Toyotomi Maaya, then Let's try!" The cold tone, the domineering words at this time, can be said to be a threat! ...

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That unwavering posture immediately disintegrated when the fragrance of apricot blossoms came out, and the pheromone smell of omega was mild, and Guan Shu's instantly swollen temples were relieved immediately when he smelled it.

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"Brother Chu, something happened to the casino!" While Chu Shaoyan was thinking about these questions, Tang Hu suddenly said with a serious expression.

Sister Li looked away and had no choice but to bid farewell to Xu Yibai. When she was leaving, she looked back and saw Xu Yibai walking in the direction of Omega.

There were several knocks on the door, Shen Yao washed his face and went to open the door. The maid wearing a long skirt stood at the door, lowered her eyebrows and said pleasantly: "Mr. Shen asked you to go to the western-style building."

According to the information he checked about Shen Yao, everything said that Shen Fulin treated Shen Yao as his own. But judging from his contact with Shen Fulin and what Shen Yao said, it was obvious that this was not the case.

The sky was already dark, Guan Shu leaned on the balcony and lit the cigarette he was biting. He has become more and more skilled at smoking, especially when exhaling smoke rings.

Yan Zhixing's face was calm, but he turned the ring on his finger slightly. He has been looking for Shen Yao for so many years, not only because of that night of spring breeze, but also for a more important reason.

It's more serious than ever.

"What?" Looking at the two pale-faced people, Chu Shaoyan sneered and said, "Are you scared?"

"En, okay." Chu Shaoyan nodded.

Shen Yao's cell phone rang, and Guan Shu caught a glimpse of Yan Zhixing's name on it. The throbbing just now dissipated, briefly making Guan Shu himself think it was an illusion. .

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Thinking of the scene he saw just now, he couldn't help teasing Xu Yibai and said: "Your photo is over there. I just saw a lot of people taking pictures. I knew I should take it for you to see." .

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