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【what is a rental loan 】 "Oh, since they arrived safe and sound, it's easy to handle." Ye Tianhe said with a sigh of relief: "In the past few days, you should strengthen the security of the manor in the mountain to prevent the killers hired by the Bamboo Association from sneak attacking!" 。

Chu Shaoyan was smoking a cigarette, facing the cold night wind, his body looked so bleak! At this time, a sudden ear-piercing sound of wheels broke the quiet atmosphere on the street. Chu Shaoyan didn't have a particularly big reaction to this. He still put his hands in his trouser pockets, as if he heard nothing, lowered his head and smoked, Continue to walk forward shaking.

Hearing what the other party said, Chu Shaoyan froze in place! Ye Ruoxi's words were like the thunder that shook the sky, and it immediately caught him off guard. You must know that he has always thought that Ye Ruoxi was joking, but now it seems that things are not as simple as he thought. Besides, the matter between him and Guan Nuoxue has always been kept secret, how would Ye Ruoxi know?

"Hush!" Chu Shaoyan suddenly stopped her speech, then put her down, jumped out of the water and rushed forward. Ten seconds later, a big fish weighing tens of catties floated up with its white belly.

Because his elder brother is Ye Tianhe's personal bodyguard, named Jiang Dahai, that is, the brother Hai that Chu Shaoyan had met in Sanlian Manor before. In Jiang Langtao's consciousness, in the entire Sanlian Gang, there are very few people who don't sell his brother Jiang Dahai's face. Now that Chu Shaoyan threatens him with the president Ye Tianhe, how can he not laugh?

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Chu Shaoyan said in a low voice: "From now on, everyone organizes their luggage, checks the silencers of pistols, sabers, crossbows, and infrared night vision devices, and prevents the use of micro-charging when confronting the enemy. Do you hear me?"
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Chu Shaoyan and Ye Tianhe are only in a cooperative relationship this time, and this time they promised Ye Tianhe to protect Ye Ruoxi, because they did not want Ye Ruoxi to become a victim of the gang struggle!
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Although Chu Shaoyan's tone seemed very calm, Xu Dahui, the head of the Sanlian branch, could still hear the hidden meaning from it. Sensing Chu Shaoyan's unquestionable tone, Xu Dahui tactfully did not ask why, but simply answered "OK" and hung up the phone.
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The rock man's mood at the moment is simply extremely depressed. What's wrong with this world, why do you always get hurt when helping others?
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He looked left and right and added: "Of course, this is just my family's opinion. I will never engage in a project that starts immediately. Everything must be strictly demonstrated. Including the safety, management, parking, operation, and maintenance of school buses. After investigation and research."
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Before his assistant Smith could finish speaking, Ka Suo glanced at him coldly and said word by word: "Smith, please remember one sentence, the King of Special Warfare in China is the one I, Ka Suo, admire the most in this world." friend!"
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"Although it's a bit funny, it's true." Chu Shaoyan said seriously: "Mr. Police, you should have seen that video just now. It was that beautiful woman who actually killed those new lovers!"
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What Chu Shaoyan didn't know was that this was actually a request from An Linshan's grandfather, Ouyang Yanwang. Ouyang Yanwang, the leader of the Dongjiang military, loved his grandson An Linshan the most in his life. Now seeing that his grandson's best comrade-in-arms, Chu Shaoyan, is in danger, naturally it is Do your best to help Chu Shaoyan.
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