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【when should you payoff your mortgage 】 However, since Pula City in country F is not at the same level as Ryukyu Prefecture in terms of economy or military, he can only swallow his anger now. 。

Then Chen Hua's body fell to the ground in an instant. He spat out blood and said, "Young Master Ye...Actually, I want...Brother be the president!" Crooked and closed his eyes.

Ye Tianhe invited him out of the mountain before going to Bei'ao City, and asked him to temporarily manage the Sanlian headquarters club for a few days. Originally, Mr. Xu was the veteran of the society, so he no longer had much evil thoughts about these rights. But since Ye Tianhe spoke, he naturally couldn't refuse.

When Adams and Augustus slowly retreated to the trap, Adams unfortunately stepped on the mechanism. In fact, this mechanism spread over more than ten square meters in the vicinity, and it was composed of five curved branches. It was impossible to avoid them in the direction of their retreat.

Chu Shaoyan smiled on the phone: "I know that you have served in the coastal defense force, and even made exciting feats in the sensitive waters of Japan. If there is a chance, I will let you board that ship."

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Chu Shaoyan smiled casually, then thought of something, and couldn't help asking: "Could it be that Zhang Haohai has fallen into your hands now?"
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Damian Koller is one of the three conveners of this drug lord conference, and it is also the only one left. His arrest actually means the complete arrest of the leader of the international drug lord conference. In fact, the holding of this ball brought most of the drug lords to gather on this cruise ship, and the sudden attack of the commando caused the fall of these unprepared leaders, including RT. Brown and Hao Yun from Hong Lianhui.
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Just when everyone thought that Chu Shaoyan would call again and push out chips, Chu Shaoyan did not call but chuckled and said, "Your hand is three 6s, while mine is a pair of queens." Chu Shaoyan's voice was not loud, but it reached everyone's ears clearly.
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"Baga, your stupidity!" Takeuchi Taro scolded sharply, "If this goes on, if the glory of the Takeuchi family is passed on to you, it will be a mistake!"
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After about a few minutes, there was a sound of sparse footsteps from far to near. I saw two big men with submachine guns in their hands walking cautiously towards this side.
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Unlike Toyotomi Maaya, Chu Shaoyan felt a little guilty and happy in his heart. The guilt was because the last time he was in Treasure Island, Toyotomi Maaya paid such a high price to visit him in the harbor, but he refused Toyotomi Maaya Outside the door; and joy because, from Toyotomi Masano's words, Chu Shaoyan learned that Toyotomi Maaya liked him in his heart!
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Seeing Chu Shaoyan's gloomy expression, Jiang Dahai was terrified! Before, he fantasized that he could use these temptations to get Chu Shaoyan to spare his life, but now it seems almost impossible!
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"Okay, president." Although Chu Shaoyan was somewhat reluctant, he finally nodded. He also knew that the president was kind-hearted, just like he treated the vice president of Nanxiong City before, even if the other party betrayed him However, Chairman Ye still didn't personally kill the brothers who fought together.
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