how do you get a cosigner off a car loan?
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【where could i get a personal loan 】 Lu Xi straightened up and sat up, and said endlessly, "I will win the grand prix." 。

Lucy cleared his throat: "You are really good at the short program today."

The reason why he suggested this was because Chen Qi suggested that Deng Chang add some dance elements to that set of performance skates to enrich the content of the performance. Lu Xi thought it made sense, so he suggested that he also do some.

Whether Deng Chang's English listening ability is good or not, Lu Xi has no way of judging, but his gesticulation skills are indeed better than Lu Xi's. Soon Lu Xi got the special lighting effect he wanted, and he was very satisfied.

When Lu Xi slid out after completing the five consecutive jumps, he suddenly heard another burst of screams from the scene that were more enthusiastic than before. He was stunned, wondering if there is anything more awesome than the five consecutive 3Ts? Did Deng Chang do a cartwheel after falling off the ice?

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"What do you mean?" Lucy didn't understand.
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"The runner-up from the Four Continents is back!" Wang Lili also greeted him warmly, and then saw Deng Chang next to him, "Hey, Xiao Deng is here too. I just saw you strolling in the garden for half an hour. Finally finished?"
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"Go this way to prepare for the award ceremony." A staff member came to guide.
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Then Deng Chang grabbed his arm.
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"Go up and join the short program again." Chen Qi finally said to Deng Chang with a sullen face.
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But from the top ten to the top, every step is difficult. Lucy's goal this year is to break into the top five.
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Deng Chang was stunned by the name call, then nodded, very cooperative: "Excellent."
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"Everyone, this is my junior brother Ilya, who will be promoted to the senior group in the 2020 season, thank you for taking care of me."
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