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The information is not complete, and there are very few strange Gus that can be directly pointed out by the owner. .

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The eldest son understood it after thinking about it, and said in a deep voice, "Did Qian Shanhou come here for the essence of Gu?"

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After all, the prince is only in charge of the king's land, and who will become the master of the king's land in the future is still unknown.

However, Su Ran has no intention of paying attention to the collection of the flower demon now, and just wants to know the details of the woman in the portrait.

The flower demon treasure, found it!

Jade Muscle Water Gu was refined into Natal Gu?

Nanshanhou was extremely shocked, his heart was trembling, and he murmured softly: "How is it possible! How can you be so strong!"

Marquis of Qianshan.

The third-rank water system combined Gu secret method is not so easy to find, the main reason is that the water system is limited, and it must rely on the resources of the Beigonghou Mansion.

"Thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi, three days away from Shiba, you should look at it with admiration."

The two people behind Fu Mo Shangxian also nodded slightly, as if they agreed with Su Ran's words very much.

Now that these two people are in Su City, other people Su Ran may not care about them, but these two people must have certain weight, Brother Wang should be captured alive. " .

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Didn't Thousand Demons just return? .

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